What is Financial Coaching?

Financial coaching is a form of mentorship that helps people understand and manage their finances more effectively. It’s really that simple!

If you want to achieve financial freedom, earn more, spend less, change jobs, create a side hustle or invest your money, financial coaching will help you take ownership and move you towards your goals.

Financial Coaching vs. Financial Advice

Financial coaching is about helping the client make their own decisions. Not forcing an agenda.

My approach is very different from traditional financial advice:
– I’m not a qualified financial advisor
– I’ve not worked in the finance industry
– I don’t provide regulated investment advice
– I don’t offer product recommendations
– I don’t hold client money

These are good things…

Because unlike many financial advisors:
– I won’t try to sell you products for a commission
– I’m not influenced or corrupted by massive corporations
– I personally invest in stocks, property, business and crypto
– I’ve become financially independent


I’ve prioritised practical measures over paperwork. I’ve lived on less than £10,000 in a year, built a stock portfolio I could live on, developed a £1M property portfolio in under 18 months and I’ve created a 6-figure side hustle whilst working full time.

If you’re thinking of working with a financial advisor, please make sure they have achieved financial independence themselves and have invested in a diverse range of assets, including stocks, property, businesses, and cryptocurrency. This will give you confidence that they understand the best strategies for building wealth.

Working with Me

The coaching sessions are bespoke and designed around you and your needs. I will provide full transparency on how I make money, spend less and invest it. Full confidentiality is maintained at all times.

I’ve spent multiple 5-figures on training programs and thousands of hours learning about wealth management. You can avoid the mistakes I’ve made, reduce your risk and save years of anguish by leveraging my knowledge and experience.

You might only require a single session or want to meet on a regular basis. The calls will be designed around you and your needs.

There are many areas I’ve helped people with. Here are some of the most common:
– How to become Financially Independent (and by when)
– How to increase your income
– How to start a side hustle
– How to increase profit within your business
– How to invest in stocks, property or crypto
– How to reduce your personal spending
– Creating and automating a personal budget
– Becoming more confident and resilient
– Managing stress
– Regular accountability to get you to take action

Coaching is very personal. Some people need support, whilst others need encouragement. I’d like to think I provide a healthy balance of both but don’t take my word for it…

Client Testimonials

"Huw has been an invaluable asset to me, both personally and for my businesses. His dedication to helping me achieve my goals and push myself to higher levels is evident in the commitment he displays every time we talk. Huw never stops striving to ensure I’m on the right track and my focus is on the right areas. He does this with exceptional kindness, enthusiasm, and often startling insight. He is truly a master of his craft, and I am so glad to have had the chance to work with him. Working with Huw has been a truly transformative experience for me. In just a few months, I have seen a significant improvement in my financial and business success. Everything from the overarching vision of my businesses to the specifics and minutia of my financial statements is reviewed, analysed, and questioned to help bring the most important elements into focus."


"I owe Huw a lot! He helped me out of a position that I thought I’d be stuck in for a long time. We sat down and went through all of my finances. He laid it all out for me and made suggestions as to where I’ve been going wrong. Laying it all out in a very easy-to-understand spreadsheet we worked out potential earnings and made a plan from there. Could not ask for a better service. Huw is incredibly knowledgeable and I trust him implicitly. 6 months on from our initial meeting and my finances are a complete 180! Everything is much easier to manage and quite honestly I’ve never been so financially stable."


"I was looking for an expert coach to assess my current financial standing and provide guidance and feedback on my FIRE strategy, which is when I came across Huw through the great content he shares on YouTube. He was immediately very responsive and incredibly approachable, and helped to coach me in a very informative, kind and personal way, really going above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with the service he provided. I’ve stayed in touch with him since, and continue to learn from the great information and resources that he puts out there. I would absolutely recommend Huw to anyone else looking for coaching in their journey to financial independence!"


"Huw's coaching is unbelievable and knowledge unbelievable. You don’t realise what you don’t know until you speak to a true expert and after coaching with Huw I can see how much time I would have wasted and opportunities I would have missed had I not had him as a guide. I know his guidance and experience will put me years and £££££s ahead of where I could have gotten on my own. Can’t wait to carry on working with him in the future."


"I have been coached by Huw on health and wealth. His advice and support was clear, practical and honest. He genuinely wants you to succeed! I have no reservations in recommending his coaching as he will take you to the next level!"


How to Apply for Coaching

Thank you for your interest in my coaching programme but at the moment I am not accepting any more applications as I am fully booked.


Keep an eye out on this page for future updates.

If you have any questions, please email me at huw@huwsview.com


Important Regulatory Notice:

I don’t give regulated financial, investment, tax or legal advice. I don’t give product recommendations and I don’t try to sell you anything. I don’t take your money away to invest. I help you make your own financial decisions.